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Welcome, come in, look around and let your fingers rest.

     This is a site designed for me, by me. If you can take advantage, then I encourage it. I would also say to contain your judgments as I display rather personal thoughts, and pictures.

Today, more than likely is a good day, depending on what your looking at.

Like I say, life is beautiful if you look at the things in life that are beautiful. To focus on the things in life that are dark will only fill your mind with darkness, but to set your mind at rest with the meaning of life itself is peace. And piece of mind. I was reminded that we are not born with the spirit of fear, it is a chosen feeling.I thought to myself of all the things that I've seen on the big screen,all the horror, the psycological thillers, and the movies that have limited my I.Q. are thingss that I've chosen. We have free-will indeed.

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements

Another idea for my home page's text is notifying visitors about the enhancements I put on my site. For example, I want visitors to sign my guestbook or fill out my survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about my site, my business, or my site's topic.

Mental, phisical, and spiritual health.

I might not want a large amount of text on my home page if I want to guide visitors toward my other pages. Instead of text, I can add others' buttons to this first page, and I'll be rewarded for people who click on the buttons. For example, if a visitor signs up for a Visa using the NextCard button on my site, I earn at least $20!

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

Even if I don't put much text on my home page, it's a good idea to include hidden tools that will help me promote my site, so people other than my friends and family actually see it. For example, I could add meta tags, which are hidden codes that allow search engines to find my site. I could also install stats and a counter so I know how many people are visiting. If not many are visiting, submitting my site to search engines will guide more traffic to my site.